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Seniors and strength training: Why it’s never too late to start

It is never too late to start strength training. Seniors tend to often complain about aches and deteriorating health. The elderly describe symptoms of aches, soreness, and risk of injury as the aging process affects the body muscles and tissues. Nevertheless, the elderly can benefit from strength training. Research supports that strength training boosts the muscle mass and enhances the physical activity. Fitness is not only for the young but for everyone in all ages. You may find it enjoyable with time. Remember that your mental strength and endurance will enable you to increase your muscle strength. Don’t you want to feel athletic and energetic? You do not need to have huge muscles to work out; just start wherever you are. It is a simple training to enable you jumpstart and maintain vigor. In time, you will be enjoying the fruits of exercising by conducting your duties without assistance.

Photo by Yan Krukov/ Pexels


Do you desire to build your muscles and maintain good health? Strength training is the best form of losing fat and enhancing the muscles. The aged may experience frailty that may disrupt their abilities to manage the daily activities. Reduction in activity and a sedentary lifestyle condemns a person to reduction of muscle capacity and visual skills. The gradual degradation of muscle strength inhibits the individual’s ability to perform simple tasks. These impairments lead to risk of suffering chronic disorders and injuries resulting from falls. Do not worry anymore, strength training will build your muscles and reverse the loss of power. You will feel rejuvenated after the workout. No more clumsiness and trembling. It is time to enjoy your life and participate in your favorite activities.

Research demonstrates that strength training can counteract the age-related deficiencies by improving the elderly’s muscle mass. This is a safe workout for older adults. Although people may desire to build their power within the shortest time, it is advisable that novices should start slow. The aging process constitutes the gradual impairment of muscles and tissues in the body. This does not mean that the body cannot regenerate in rich environments. Beginners should start slow by engaging in simple exercises. Your body needs to adjust to the new activity before the muscle gain. Design a schedule of the activities and time for different workouts. Make sure you get sufficient rest between the sets to avoid harm to the body. This is not a competition, you are building your capacity and strength.


Exercise is the best form of remaining active especially for the elderly. There exists several types of workouts that can help older adults. Before beginning the program, it is crucial for the aged to consult physicians to evaluate their vitals and commend ideal drills. Do not be anxious to start the training. You can either purchase the equipment or register at your local gymnasium. The trainings include; chair yoga, resistance band workouts, walking, and dumbbell program. It is advisable to start with the simplest as you gradually build your core and resistance. Prepare yourself mentally and physically to adjust to the tension.

You can begin with the basics to build the momentum. Conduct a five minute warm-up session. This activity will jumpstart your heart to adjust to pumping large blood volumes to facilitate exercising. You can go ahead and take a 10-20 minute walk around the neighborhood. It may be a challenge for some elderly. If not comfortable, request assistance for a guide to help you during the process. Kindly note that people with walking difficulties may take few steps in the house to not trigger the risk of injury. It is advisable to train alongside with a familiar face. This strategy will help you reach your goals.

Photo by Magda Ehlers/Pexels


Chair yoga is an effortless exercise for the aged. It involves overhead stretch, seated cow stretch, seated mountain pose, and seated twist. This drill boosts the individual’s mobility and stability.

Resistance band workouts involves stretching rubber strips. The person can do leg press, lateral raise, bicep curl and band pull apart. It is an ideal training at home. One can purchase the materials and engage in the activities to strengthen their core.

Dumbbell strength training involves doing sets of lifting different weights. Seniors can do overhead press, front raise, triceps extension, and arm curl. These exercises enable the person to build the muscles and endurance gradually. You can add the weights according to one’s capabilities. Do not strain the body. Remember to take breaks.

Photo by Kampus Production/ Pexels


Strength training has significant benefits to the older adults. It makes one stronger by building the muscles and tension allowing them to perform their tasks. One gets to burn calories and improve the metabolism process. The progression reduces the fat mass as the body converts the material into energy. Workouts help combat the risk of developing chronic diseases. The combustion of fat reduces the stored amount and minimizes disease development. This is significant activity for the elderly that are exposed to disorders due to dormancy. The training lowers the risk of injury and falls due to gaining stability and mobility. It reinforces the leg muscles and joints. The exercise improves the cardiovascular system health by reducing the blood pressure and influencing optimal sugar levels.

Older adults can comfortably engage in simple workouts to boost their muscle strength, mobility and flexibility. Set realistic goals to achieve your desire. The exercises aforementioned can help you gain endurance to reinforce their core. Do not feel discouraged to do drills. One can perform some of them at the comfort of their home. A flexible regimen enables the individual to promote their wellness by reducing risks that may harm their body. Discipline is key in strength training. Do not forget to take rests to allow the body to recover. Keep track of your progress to identify the strengths and weaknesses. This information is critical to tweaking some routines to build the muscles and eliminate unnecessary fat. Get off your chair, believe in yourself, and just start exercising. Over time, you will gain fitness and perform your duties without worries.

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