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Dressing loud is the new dressing down – learn how to use the new season electric colors

Dressing down means that you wear something below the level of what society expects of you. Previously, most people carefully selected what they put on in public spaces. However, the COVID pandemic put everything into question and interrupted most of our lives. As a result, a psychological shift occurred. No one was around to tell us what to wear, and we allowed ourselves to find styles that make us happy. When you dress down, you can be creative with what you are wearing. You can even put your own personality into your outfits. With no rules or boundaries to follow, present yourself as who you truly are and what inspires you. There is no going back to the way things used to be in the past. We have become a generation that has the freedom to express how we feel, without the fear of being judged.

Dressing loud refers to one's motivation to dress in a way that will result in a positive outcome, like feeling more confident, competent, or happy. Also known as 'dopamine dressing,' dressing loud has become a fashion trend as we try to battle through the pandemic. It entails wearing clothes with the intention of boosting your mood. There are many theories about dressing loud. At the root of it, dressing loud is just a way to express oneself loudly by injecting personality into clothing. People or style-conscious individuals might go as far as to wear clothes designed for others who share the same values or interests, such as body art, to publicly proclaim their individuality or sexuality in a creative way. But this has become a trend for people who do not normally wear outlandish clothing and then choose not to keep it away from public view. Their motivation is often that they are trying to feel more alive; feeling their fun and living life with more 'flowers', 'zest' or 'heart'.

Photo by The Lazy Artist Gallery on Pexels


According to Pinterest, “People are headed somewhere over the rainbow this year with vibrant outfits and colorful palettes.” Electric colors are finally having their broad day in the sun, with popular style icons as diverse as Miley Cyrus to Kate Middleton sporting everything from hot pink to neon green. The fashion industry has been on a quest for something new and different in recent years, fleeing the boredom of winter white and gray, the drab uniformity of pre-fall colors, and the tired hues of summer. 2022 will be remembered as a watershed moment where electric colors stole the limelight. The kaleidoscopic shades are proving irresistible to people who forget what day it is or don’t want to dress up too much. They're practically an invitation not to take things too seriously. As bright as they are, they can still be elegant. Kate Middleton's electric pink dress for the annual Diplomatic Corps reception at Buckingham Palace was offset with a demure black choker and matching sandals, whilst Miley Cyrus combined her bright pink top with black leather trousers, making it not look too ridiculous.

There is no doubt that electric colors can inspire confidence in our appearance. They can also throw you out of your comfort zone; but to others, it is about dressing for what they want to achieve in life and not necessarily stopping themselves from being who they are. For this reason I would recommend dressing loud with new season electric colors as a great way to switch on your mind and get motivated for the day ahead. Whether you want to wear subtle colors or dramatic ones with a deep hue, there are many ways to dress loud. To showcase this versatility, we have compiled a list of the top 10 tips for dressing your best in all the colors.

Photo by Ivan Samkov on Pexels


1. Start with the basics - get dressed like a pro

2. Providing an accurate style assessment - never underestimate your wardrobe's potential

3. Play around and mix and match your clothes - you never know what you might love! Just ask yourself: what colors could I wear?"

4. Practice all of the techniques in this article - you don't have to stick with just one color

5. Keep your clothes clean - this will make it easier to stay on top of your wardrobe

6. Strive for updated looks - your fashion options never have to be a bore! Just as long as you stay on top of the "in" color trends, you can always be up-to-date!

7. Find ways to jazz up basic pieces - pairing bold colors with neutral hues is an excellent way to give otherwise dull pieces a major boost in style

The connection between clothing and emotional well-being is well established. The University of Hertfordshire Press published a study that claimed a strong correlation between clothing and mood. Ideally, it suggests that we should wear clothes that lift our mood. Specifically, brightly-colored accessories or pieces with heartwarming backstories, will do the trick

Photo by Godisable Jacob on Pexels


Some of the styling advice you might want to try include;

  • Monochromatic shades- they make outfits appear put together and are easy to style with something you already have in your closet

  • The Three Color Rule - eliminates the hustle of coordinating bright colors by keeping them to a maximum of three.

  • Gen Z Green - baggetta green is definitely a fashion trend with the young generation but you can also slay with varied shades of green from matcha, lime, to forest green.

  • Pantone Purple - another loud color to spice up your wardrobe is pantone purple. It also matches smoothly with green.

  • Sophisticated Brown - brown is a 90’s trend but pairing it with white, dark green and pink will keep things spicy.

  • And even Earth Tones - this is for people who want to remain simple without the need to overthink about color matching. The examples include Beige, army green, and burnt orange.

The most crucial factor when it comes to designing any outfit is staying within your personal style. Everyone has their personal preferences and priorities. Some people want to stand out in a crowd, while others prefer being more understated and unobtrusive. If you're unsure about what type of style you want to project onto the world by wearing this look, feel free to get some inspiration from magazines or clothing stores.


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