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10 health benefits of garlic

"Garlic is a potent ingredient with numerous health benefits including increased blood flow, lowers cholesterol, fights inflammation, lowers hypertension, and provides protection against common cold."

Photo by Mufid Majnun on Unsplash


Ingestion of garlic in the diet has a vital role in neutralizing harmful compounds called free radicals and improving fertility in the body. Garlic is widely used as a medication to treat several health conditions such as tuberculosis (TB), internal worms, diabetes, fever, high blood pressure (hypertension), liver disorders, and rheumatism. Garlic consumption has also proven to prevent conditions such as lung cancer, prostate cancer, stomach cancer, colon cancer, rectal cancer, and breast cancer due to its antibacterial, antioxidant, and antiseptic nature. Garlic is packed with essential compounds such as phosphorous, potassium, zinc, and magnesium. Vitamins K, C, niacin, folate, and thiamine are found abundantly in garlic, giving it all its beneficial properties. The health benefits of consuming garlic are:

1. It prevents and treats common colds and coughs

Raw garlic has the potential to eliminate infections related to colds and coughs. It contains a compound known as alliin, which is converted to allicin when chewed or crushed. Allicin is the main component in garlic, containing sufficient amounts of sulfur, which gives garlic a distinctive taste and smell. These compounds are vital in facilitating the disease-fighting response of leukocytes in the body when they come across viruses that cause the flu or common cold. Consuming a piece of crushed garlic when starving has maximum benefits for the body. Garlic also relieves congestion symptoms in babies when hanged in a loop around the neck. Garlic consumption helps to prevent the common cold in the body, which can lead to pain and swelling (inflammation), sinus infection, strep throat, bronchiolitis (common in children), and pneumonia, all of which can negatively impact the body's health.


2. Boosts brain functioning

Garlic improves brain health because of its anti-inflammation and antioxidant nature. It helps to fight against neurodegenerative diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s. It also increases fatty acids, which improves signaling between the brain and the gut, protects the brain from oxidative stress and neuroinflammation, and promotes blood-brain barriers. Consumption of garlic enhances neurogenesis and hippocampal cell proliferation, both vital for memory impairment and memory deficit improvement, promoting healthy aging and healthy brain functioning. Consider taking garlic to improve brain function and live a healthy lifestyle.

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3. Garlic improves digestion

Raw garlic is essential for digestive problems, as it reduces inflammation and benefits the intestines. Garlic plays an important role in protecting the good bacteria and destroying the bad bacteria in the gut, promoting a healthy digestive system. Because of its antibiotic properties due to the presence of sulfur, garlic is essential in clearing out unwanted intestinal diseases, flushing out toxins, and cleaning the digestive system.

Photo by Angele J on Pexels


Add garlic to your diet to promote the digestive system and fuel the flashing of toxins and waste from the body, which facilitates the absorption of food nutrients and thus healthy body functioning.

4. Boosts the immune system

Garlic improves the immune system by acting against free radicals and preventing DNA damage. The allicin found in garlic contains antimicrobial effects that facilitate the effectiveness of antifungal and antibiotic drugs. It has antioxidants that protect the body against cell damage, chronic diseases, and inflammation. Garlic also limits upper respiratory infections and prevents their durational symptoms. It contains zinc and vitamin C, both vital for immune strengthening and fighting infections in the body. It is vital for ear and eye infections due to its antimicrobial nature. Consuming garlic, whether raw or cooked, has incredible health benefits.


5. Prevents peptic ulcers and cancer

Garlic contains high amounts of antioxidants, which fight against various types of cancer such as colon and liver cancer, bladder, stomach, prostate, and lung cancer. The compounds in garlic help to prevent inflammation, slow the rate of cancer cell growth, and facilitate DNA repair. Garlic also has a variety of phytochemicals, which have cancer-fighting properties.

Garlic's antibacterial properties aid in the prevention of peptic ulcers by removing pathogens from the gut.

While evidence suggests that garlic is most effective in lowering colorectal cancer risks, consider eating this pungent veggie to lower your risk of other types of cancer.

6. Helps with cardiac health

The allicin found in garlic prevents the oxidation of bad cholesterol (LDL). The intake of garlic improves the heart's health and lowers the level of cholesterol by facilitating blood flow and preventing blood clotting, which leads to the prevention of thromboembolism.

Photo by Puwadon Sang-ngern on Pexels


Garlic also helps to reduce hypertension and therefore promotes healthy blood flow in the body. It helps to detoxify heavy metals in the body, which may have a negative effect on heart health. You can easily include garlic in your diet and promote heart health.

7. Promotes weight loss

Garlic reduces the expression of genes essential for the production of adipose cells that store fats in the body. It also plays a role in lowering bad cholesterol (LDL) and burning incredible amounts of fat by increasing thermogenesis in the body. It also has high nutritional value, a clove garlic with about 3 grams contains:

  • Selenium -1% of the daily value

  • Fiber - 0.06 g

  • Manganese - 2% of the daily value

  • Vitamin C - 1% of the daily value

  • Vitamin B6 - 2% of the daily value

It also contains amounts of copper, calcium, iron, and potassium. These nutrients are vital in boosting the overall body health.


8. Helps to keep oral pathogens

The allicin contained in garlic has antimicrobial properties vital for killing oral pathogens, which may have a negative impact on oral health. Garlic is effective in the prevention of periodontitis and dental caries as it contains antiviral and antifungal properties vital for strong and healthy gums and teeth. It also helps with toothaches due to its antimicrobial properties, which are essential for killing the virus and bacteria associated with toothaches. It should be noted that using raw garlic to relieve toothache has some side effects, such as heartburn, acid reflux, allergic reactions, and upset stomach Consider taking at least one raw garlic clove each day if you have problems with dental caries or toothache.

9. Promotes skin health

Garlic is essential in the prevention of acne scarring and acne because of its antibacterial and antioxidant properties. It prevents toxin accumulation, bacterial infections, and clogged pores, which damage the skin, therefore reducing the risks of rashes, cold sores, blisters, and psoriasis. Psoriasis is considered an autoimmune skin disease associated with itching, scaling, and redness affecting the knees, elbows, and scalp. The condition is not curable and caused by inflammation therefore, garlic helps to reduce the disease symptoms due to its anti-inflammatory agent.

Photo by Shiny Diamond on Pexels


Garlic also protects against UV rays, which slows the aging process of the skin. To make garlic help the skin, consume 1 clove of raw garlic followed by a cup of cold water. Maintain hydration and clean your skin every 3 hours.

10. Garlic improves bone health

Unhealthy lifestyles, lack of nutrients, and aging can make the bones weak, increasing the risks of osteoporosis and fractures. Garlic helps to fight against arthritis and osteoporosis by limiting the effects of pro-inflammatory cytokines as it contains diallyl disulfide, which helps to prevent cartilage damage from arthritis. Garlic may also aid in reducing osteoclast bone resorption and boosting estrogen levels. Bone loss may lead to brittle bones, and porous which promote high fracture risks. Take about 2-3 raw garlic every day to promote good healthy bones.


The consumption of garlic is linked to various health benefits. It has incredible medicinal properties that improve overall body health; however, if you are taking blood thinners, you should consult your doctor before increasing your garlic intake. You can easily incorporate garlic as part of a well-rounded and nutritious diet to protect against various diseases and support overall health.

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